PhotoBook Monika Płusa


“Monika Płusa is one of those exceptional people who know how to capture the traces of life with sincerity and discretion. Her photos are just like her, unvarnished, you could say secret, but full of the will to live, of a quest that sets her apart from the rest and that we want to show again and again!”

Lyonel Liger | Editor


This PhotoBook presents a broad overview of Monika Płusa’s photographic work. The works are presented in 6 chapters (Grandmother, Youth, My Mum and me, Adaptation, Fashion, Human Nature).


The very essence of this PhotoBook is a description of the author’s motivations, her sensibility, her interests, her career and her exhibitions.


2 undisputed personalities from the world of images, a former Artistic Director of Vogue France and a photographer, give their recognition and support.

The production of this PhotoBook was orchestrated by an art director renowned in France for his work in the press and publishing industries.


PhotoBook | Monika Płusa

English and French editions

Format: 20 x 20 cm

78 pages

Delivery time: maximum 6 days