When thinking about youth, It is usually associated with blossoming of a human being, so a domination of strength, eagerness and joy, however what is more important, each young person also builds her own self-consciousness when developing her body. People look for answers for many niggling questions, they start to understand the world and finally face the subject of death.


I show my own concerns related with being aware of the temporariness of life. The imagination of changes on a body caused by the time passing by, make her feel fear and anxiety. It finally gets each and every one, people often try to fight it back, but getting older is a definite and inevitable process. The photography’s from this project, were made in one of the Nobel techniques, called photographic emulsion. In order to prepare a photo, the artist had to put a layer
of silver emulsion by hand, so that the final photos show signs of a personal touch. I use this technique to transfer her emotions related with an imagination of a young girl’s body affected by the merciless time. Those are montages of images hidden in her mind. Those creations show youth and old age embodied in one individual. The art of photography to save a moment – to spot the process of getting older – as the body itself is an object that expresses changes that are a result of a life going by.


In the project “Adaptation” I face my youth fears. The exaggerated compilations of bodies help her to cope with anxieties related with time passing by and realize that changes in physiognomy are inevitable.