About me


Monika Płusa (based Warsaw, Poland) studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, at the Warsaw School of Photography and at the Warsaw Film School.


I believe there are no limitations for projects and I strive to put excellence, creativity and professionalism to each detail. I work on a broad range of projects which present fashion in urban, landscape and created spaces.


My images are characterized not only by dynamic compositions and clear background but also a sensibility for colors, forms and creation of a special atmosphere. I understand how to capture a face to extract iconic images.


Apart from my interest of contemporary photography, I love to exercice my body, read books in the morning in bed, watching art exhibitions, travelling and playing on the piano.


I create fashion and product content, the brands I have collaborated with are:

Fiore Femmes, Dr Irena Eris, Olsen, Son Trava, Herasimova, Sky and Soul – Edyty Pazura, Perffecto, Cukiernia Antolak. 


Publications in magazines:

Vogue, HIRO, Aperture The Mag, Vacant Mag, French Fries Magazine, Marika Mag, Art of nude, PROMO NYC, The Atlas Magazine, BringMe Mag, MITH Magazine, Volant, Shuba Mag, ScorpioJin, Opium Mag, PRIME, CreatorsMag, Dreamingless, GMARO, GEZNO, The Editorial QC, Varsovie Magazine, Yoko Mag, Archive mag, 7HuesMag, PUMP, Malvie and Fuerte! , KODD, Oczy-mag.

The author of two photo albums: “European Parliament in lens – Brussels” 2015, “European Parliament in lens – Strasbourg” 2017.


Exhibitions present my cyanotypes:

– “Jeunes Artistes and Marché des Créateurs “Mamma Mia!” at the Art’Course Gallery in Strasbourg, France, January and May 2017

– “Made in Photo #9” at the Gallery Enter(PHOTO)tainment at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw 2016

– the 20th biennial of photography and digital image processing – REMIS 2015 – “Photo Border” in Orangery Wilanów, Warsaw 2015

– “Open Ząbkowska” in the Gallery Uległa and “The box of art” in Warsaw, April 2018

– “Asian story – Gao” in Gallery Sztuka Wyboru in Gdańsk, 16.02. – 06.03.2019

– “Asian story – Gao” in Centrum Praskie Koneser – Skład Sztuki i Rzemiosła Gallery Uległa, 18.05.-18.06.2019

– “Gao – Asian story” in Hala Koszyki, Warsaw, 18.07 – 1.08.2020