About me


Monika Płusa (born 1992) – I deal with analogue and digital photography and nobel techniques in photography: cyanotype and silver emulsion. I studied at the Warsaw School of Photography and the Warsaw Film School, finished her MFA studies at the Academy  of Fine Arts in Warsaw. I am the author of two photo albums: “European Parliament in lens – Brussels” 2015, “European Parliament in lens – Strasbourg” 2017. A vast area of my work focuse on fashion photography and publications in magazines: PROMO NYC, The Atlas Magazine, BringMe Mag, MITH Magazine, Shuba Mag, ScorpioJin, PRIME,CreatorsMag, Dreamingless,GMARO,GEZNO,The Editorial QC,Varsovie Magazine,Yoko Mag, Archive mag.


Exhibitions present my cyanotypes:
– “Jeunes Artistes and Marché des Créateurs “Mamma Mia!” at the Art’Course Gallery in Strasbourg, France, January and May 2017
– “Made in Photo #9” at the Gallery Enter(PHOTO)tainment at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw 2016
– the 20th biennial of photography and digital image processing – REMIS 2015
– “Photo Border” in Orangery Wilanów, Warsaw 2015
– “Open Ząbkowska” in the Gallery Uległa and “The box of art” in Warsaw, April 2018
– “Asian story – Gao” in Gallery Sztuka Wyboru in Gdańsk, 16.02. – 06.03.2019

– “Asian story – Gao” in Centrum Praskie Koneser – Skład Sztuki i Rzemiosła Gallery Uległa, 18.05.-18.06.2019